O Jardim das Aflições

(The Garden of Afflictions)

O Jardim das Aflições (The Garden of Afflictions) is a documentary about the brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho. The movie was shot in October 2015 in Richmond, VA - where he lives.

I started this project with my friend Josias Teófilo at the beginning of 2015 and it was all funded by crowdfunding.

Our project was the biggest fundraising for a movie in Brazil.



Pre production

Our first travel to Richmond for field study, to write the script, take photos, and prepare the material for the campaign.



The second team's trip to shoot the documentary according to the script.


Post production

Mounting, editing and launching the movie.

First steps

We started with a simple website to capture some leads. With those leads, we started communicating by e-mail and released an opened link for donations. We also released some posts on Facebook to raise public interest. With this information we realized it could be funded as a crowdfunding project.

Our web presence

After our first studies, we decided to go ahead with the crowdfunding. Our campaign had two different websites: the first one was used to raise the funds filming the documentary, and the second website was destined to raise the money for the post-production.

The first crowdfunding website The website after the end of the campaign

Meanwhile on Facebook...

The posts started getting more visual atractive and our public was getting bigger.

A Philosopher's Life

Here’s some photos I took during the shooting - which were also used to the campaign.
It was an amazing experience, Virginia is a great place to photograph.

Virginia is for lovers

The biggest crowdfunding campaign for a movie

Adding the 3 crowdfunding campaign steps, we got more than R$ 300.000,00. This is the biggest value for a movie raised by crowdfunding in Brazil!

I want to thank my friend Josias Teófilo, also the designer, Joaquim Olimpo, and all of our team and of course Olavo de Carvalho’s family!

See you on the screen :)
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